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Terkadang didalam hidup ini ada 1001 jawaban dari 1 pertanyaan namun ke 1001 jawaban tersebut tidak cukup memuaskan kita sebelum kita menyaksikannya dengan mata dan kepala kita sendiri. Rasa ketidak puasan ini biasa kita kenal dengan "Insting". Keterbatasan waktu dan tempat selalu menjadi kendala utama kita untuk membuktikan dari insting tersebut. Ingat, anda tidak sendiri

Sabtu, 19 November 2011

The Best Indonesia Private Investigator (investigation service) / private investigator who covers the territory of Indonesia. Our business is located in the city of Surabaya, Indonesia. We are in the business of security services, investigation and protection since 2001. Services provided to government, business / corporate and private / personal. In order to achieve our project, we have a trusted agent top notch and advanced equipment to support our business. All the necessary things like preparation, equipment, technical & tactical plan in custom made ​​to meet the demands of our customers. Related to the cost of business, we always give our clients a choice so they can hire us for the best low cost they can afford.

 Our services

 Background Investigations and Investigation someone

* You hesitate to marry your prospective partner, and want to delve into his personality?
     * Do you want to know one's home?
     * You want to check a person's level of loyalty to the spouse?
     * You will need proof of infidelity

 We work with a Team of Experts to investigate what you need in order to generate the correct information really accurate 

Missing Persons Search

 With Detective Professional Investigator we also serve a missing person search

Most cases like this happen because a person loses contact with people who loved or needed, or because it disappeared for some reason

We have a high level of success in the search for missing persons based on the accuracy of information provided by the client.

Supervision / Someone Spying

Our highly experienced Professional Staff to conduct surveillance for personal, business and legal purposes. to conduct random surveillance or for more extensive monitoring of the spouse, family member, employee or significant other, we can get answers to any suspicious activity

When you know the facts, you will be able to plan more appropriate action.

Investigate Fraud Suspicion Partner or your Family

BAI is very experience and professional for this investigation. of some results of the investigation, we understand the pain and grief associated with partner infidelity, your partner in marriage.

Suspicion would be very disturbing and unsettling, BAI with sensitivity and confidentiality maintained will help you find out the truth that happened and not just a suspicion but we will provide evidence that accurate so that you can perform the appropriate action to the next.
Investigation of Business Partners

If you open a new company based in Indonesia and partner with someone you are not 100% sure, BAI can help by offering background checks on potential partners in your business is.

oversight Property

If you live abroad and you have got a place in Indonesia, BAI may offer regular checkups on securing your location until you arrive back.

Buying a property in Indonesia could be significant problems, especially if the process is largely done is when someone outside the country. You may not believe that people who work with you who might give you a price above the price of banality or maybe he did not sell legally. BAI can help provide assurance that the people who are dealing with a reliable person and you do not have the above property prices and the banality or invalid.

 Agent Blue was always provide servises and experts Using a reliable and qualified in their field,confidential and discreet

Special city of Bandung 

Contact person: Mahendra 

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